Everything you need to know about brass wire mesh

Nov. 20, 2021

Brass wire mesh has good corrosion and wear resistance. Brass is a copper alloy mainly composed of copper and zinc. When stainless steel material is not available, brass mesh can be used instead because it has excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion. 


Characteristics of brass wire mesh

· 60-80% Copper + 15-40% Zinc.

· Flexibility, better ductility, easy to bend and easy to form.

· Excellent abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

· Brass wire mesh is a quite hard material, very suitable for architectural applications.

· The natural golden yellow metallic color is very suitable as decorative application.

· Good thermal and electrical conductivity.

· Corrodes when exposed to ammonia and other salts, but not easy to rust in most cases.

· The cost of brass mesh is the lowest among all copper mesh products. When conductivity is not very important, the brass mesh is a good choice.

Everything you need to know about brass wire mesh

Applications of brass wire mesh

Industrial uses

Brass wires are made from alloys. The properties of zinc and copper make them nonreactive, strong, durable, and very useful for industrial purposes. These wire meshes are commonly used in industries for different types of filtration processes. It is also used for separation purposes as well. Apart from that, you can find brass meshes being used in the mining industry too. Brass meshes also aid in chemical processing and diffusion. They are used in the marine industry and aerospace industry as well.


Aesthetic Applications

Brass wire meshes are used for aesthetics in modern homes. Different shapes and sizes of the brass wire meshes are used for decoration purposes. Brass wire meshes are often used for architectural designs because of their yellow and golden appearance. You can often find them being used in cabinets while building facades and much more. They are also used to form decorative lampshades and signage as well. With these brass meshes, you can also metal artisans and showpieces with unique designs.

Architectural applications

Apart from the aesthetic applications, brass wire meshes also have architectural applications. These meshes can be used to create divides between rooms. They can work as ceiling panels and high-end infill panels too. These meshes can easily bear high temperatures and can also work best as fireplace screens. They can also be used as air vents and metal castings. Brass meshes are very useful.

Other purposes:  There are several other applications of brass wire meshes. The brass wire meshes are used to create gutter guards. These meshes are better insulators as compared to copper wire meshes and so they are also used in power generation processes. It is used in air and liquid filtration and the brass wire mesh also makes up the best material for plumbing screens. This type of mesh is also used in RF amplification.


We specialize in offering a wide range of brass mesh in various weave types. These offer a cost-effective solution for a number of architectural and industrial applications and also deliver better creativity compared to the traditional infill systems.