Copper Wire Mesh

Copper Wire Mesh Application: pharmacy, metal power filtration and separating ,Ceramic printing and shielding, etc.


product description

Detailed introduction of Copper Wire Mesh

Copper mesh is made of various copper wires through warp and weft woven.

YKM copper mesh can be divided into brass mesh, phosphor copper mesh, red copper mesh.

Brass mesh

Materials No. H60~H90

Property: Non-magnetic, wear resistant, good ductility.

Specification: 2mesh~200mesh, width: 0.762~1.6m

Weave: plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave.

Application: Filtration various particles, powders, porcelain clay, glass, porcelain printing, filtering liquids, gases.

Phosphor copper mesh

Another name Tin bronze mesh

Materials: phosphor copper wire (Tin bronze wire)

Property: Non-magnetic, wear resistant, good ductility.

Specification: 2mesh~400mesh, Width: 0.762~2m

Weave: plain weave, twill weave.

Red copper mesh

Another name Shielding mesh

Materials: Copper wire

Property: Non-magnetic, wear resistant, sound insulation, filter electron beam

Specification: 2mesh~120mesh. Width: 0.762~2m

Weave: plain weave, twill weave.

Application: Filtration all kinds of particles, powder, porcelain clay, glass, wall sound insulation, electronic display.

Copper Wire Mesh Application:

Computer room: computer room, telecommunication center, communication equipment room, satellite ground station, recording and broadcasting room, measurement and testing place

Medicine: microwave treatment room, physiotherapy room, EEG, electrocardiogram and other medical equipment rooms

Research: laboratory, test room, analysis room

Confidentiality: confidential room, office, etc.

Equipment: shielding of sensitive devices, printed circuit boards, meters, signal lines, cables, power distribution rooms, etc.

Other: family, kindergarten, museum, important warehouse

Fields: industrial production in aviation, aerospace, marine, medical, scientific research, communications, etc.

Copper Wire Mesh characteristics

YKM copper mesh product characteristics 1, Flat mesh surface, tightly weaved; 2, Uniform mesh opening, high accuracy; 3, Reliable filtration accuracy; 4, Long life time; 5, Clean mesh surface, uniform color; 6, Good wear resistance and ductility.

Copper Wire Mesh advantages

YKM copper mesh products are widely used in the industrial filtration, petroleum, chemical industry, printing, electronics, electromagnetic, signal shielding and other fields. It is with more than 20 years experience in copper mesh production, with systematic and perfect quality control measures, our imported looms and domestic looms can meet the quality requirements of various product standards, 

The Uses and Advantages of Copper Wire Mesh

YKM has advanced deep processing equipment which can provide customers with different sizes of mesh, mesh sheet, mesh cylinders and so on. All products are manufactured in accordance with international standards or customer requirements.

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