Reasons for Broken Wires When Using Stainless Steel Wire Mesh?

May. 11, 2020

As a Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Supplier, share with you. In the course of application, the stainless steel wire mesh occasionally shows the phenomenon of broken wire or broken. What is going on? The process of the mold on the machine is connected with oil or water, which causes the mold to run a large distance in a short time. The tightening ratio is out of tune, and then the wire is broken. The treatment method is to add lubricant to each mold in time to ensure its cooling and lubrication.

Industrial Filter Epoxy Mesh

Industrial Filter Epoxy Mesh

The scale adjustment of the mold machine is erroneous, which will cause a disorder of the normal tightening ratio during the weaving process and constitute a thread break. The treatment method is to ensure the machine standard of the mold. A block in the mold consumes too fast, which constitutes an imbalance in the ratio of front and back tightening in the weaving, showing broken filaments flashing, the first implied is to show several broken filaments in one direction. The treatment method is to transform the mold and adjust the tightening ratio before and after until normal.

When the wicker wire is presented during the weaving process, the wire take-up speed will be too fast to form a stainless steel mesh broken wire. The treatment method is to transform the mold to ensure that the phenomenon of wicker wire no longer occurs. Therefore, the structure of the stainless steel wire mesh does not seem to be very messy, it is indeed mixed with the sweat of many dark mesh workers and the delicate production process of technical personnel. In the production process, various problems will be presented, all of which require the operation of technical personnel to prevent unnecessary problems. The above are some superficial views of stainless steel wire mesh broken wires. Customers are welcome to pay attention to them.

The way to clean the stainless steel Wen Wen is to simply scrub the surface with hot water and a clean soft cloth, and then use dry metal and other soft cloths to avoid water spots completely. I was surprised by the amount of dirt on the surface, just this step. When applying this or any other method, keep in mind that stainless steel has "grains" that run in one direction with fine grooves on the entire surface of the metal and its grains. Rather than scrub it clean. Some people will tell you that this is to avoid scratching the metal or dust particles in the accommodation, where they can cause rust formation. This is probably true, but scrubbing seems simpler and more useful.

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