What are the Characteristics of the Water Pump Filter?

Mar. 29, 2021

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With the continuous development of production technology now, the application of filters is becoming more and more extensive, and they are also closely related in our lives. The types are also diverse. Under normal circumstances, filters can be customized according to their requirements. Today, the Warner editor here brings you a water pump filter product. This product is mainly used at the inlet of the water pump. Let’s briefly introduce its product. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Liquid Filtration Wire Mesh

Liquid Filtration Wire Mesh

The water pump filter screen is generally made of stainless steel filter screen through the size requirements. The material is mainly 304. The product made of stainless steel filter screen will greatly extend the service life and reduce the replacement. The number of times can effectively reduce machine failures. Under normal circumstances, it is fixedly connected to the water inlet below the submersible pump body through a section of upwardly bent pipe, so that the filter inlet is increased. When the submersible pump is placed at the bottom of the well, it can be fixed. The high water level inflow can effectively prevent the mud from the bottom of the well from being sucked into the pump and jam the impeller. It can also be said that the filter screen product plays a key role in it.

Water pump filter is a kind of filter series products, its specifications and models are not fixed, there are edging styles, and there are filter cartridge styles. This requires us to choose according to different shapes in actual applications. For product specifications, if If you can’t survey and map correctly, you can leave it to us and let us help you complete it. You can also provide specifications or drawings for us to process.

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