The role of stainless steel wire mesh in architectural decoration

May. 31, 2022

The development of stainless steel wire mesh

In recent years, the building decoration industry has developed rapidly, and there are numerous varieties of building materials. Stainless steel wire mesh (also known as: architectural metal fabric) is one of them. The product participated in the German Hamburg Fair 2000, the production of the German Telecom booth attracted widespread attention and praise. It has other similar products in addition to common characteristics, but also has a wide range of applications, beautiful, unique performance, durable features, with good prospects for development.

This product, stainless steel wire mesh for construction, is made of stainless steel rods and stainless steel wire (rope) woven under the action of a computer-controlled pure machine. There are a variety of patterns, beautiful and noble; different patterns can have different application directions, if the same application using different patterns and will get different effects. The maximum width of the woven wire mesh size is 8.5m, and the length is unlimited.

It can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration curtain walls, walls, ceilings, railings, front and partitions, floor decoration and even itself into a circle and then put a light bulb, it becomes a lamp. Simple, elegant and highly variable stainless steel wire mesh is a unique architectural material that adds an unparalleled sense of contemporary space to the architect's design. Through perspective, stainless steel wire mesh presents a new vision. Depending on the time of day, it can present an infinitely variable and fluid picture through the constant change of shadows.

The role of stainless steel wire mesh in architectural decoration

Structural changes of the product

Production process

There are similar products in our country that are made by semi-hand weaving. The disadvantages are in the process of the net (stability is not possible), the sealing problem (the welded joints are yellow and black), the material problem (gradual yellowing and darkening) and the associated installation complexity (increased costs in installation), which cannot meet the demand for large volume of products, and the single variety.

Technical mechanical weaving

German computer program-controlled mechanical weaving machine and German technology, greatly solved the above defects, productivity significantly increased, color varieties can be multi-selected, easy to change. Metal stainless steel wire mesh is mainly woven by different warp and weft threads, with different warp and weft thread specifications available, and has a high degree of light penetration ability. Weft threads can be woven in 2, 3 or 4 and the width of the eyelets can be varied.

Change of engineering structure

The front and back structures are different, and the width of the spacing can be changed according to the needs of the structure of the project or according to the different parts of the project. The spacing is easy to change and produces uniform products with beautiful lines, which are easier to process.

Installation process of the product

To reduce the structural load with support points, the substructure with upper and lower connection points, depending on the size of the individual cells composing it, must add fixed intermediate supports on each layer to reduce the maximum load on the substructure and the possible deviation of the grid.

In terms of installation can be said to be very simple, stainless steel wire mesh can only be installed mechanically, installation procedures are extremely simple, standoffs and screws can be installed it beautifully, of course, depending on the project, there may be hundreds of installation methods, but it is absolutely safe and practical.

Price advantage of the product

1. The price of stainless steel wire mesh is about 100-800 yuan per square meter, related to different patterns and different order quantities. Because the product has the advantages of elegant appearance, beautiful, convenient construction, etc., is described by designers and owners as a new high-end decorative materials for modern decoration, the market prospects are very good.

2. Stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used in construction projects in the interior and exterior walls, design institutes and owners can choose the right wire mesh according to the parts of the project to be installed and the amount of investment. Stainless steel wire mesh with its gorgeous, durable, strong, environmentally friendly, easy to clean and other advantages endorsed by the building decoration industry.

3. It is more and more recognized by architects and is especially suitable for the curtain wall industry of buildings. It can be used in indoor wall panels, ceilings, front and partitions, railings, stairs and balcony partitions, columns and other parts for decoration, but also as a special decoration for exhibitions and booths, both beautiful and elegant, but also can set off to show the characteristics of the product.

Application areas of the product

Stainless steel wire mesh - museum

The product can also be widely used in high-end museums, not only for the decoration of valuable items, of course, can also play a role in theft prevention. Its advantages in such aspects are again reflected, is catering to the general theme of energy saving in China. It can also decorate the columns of airport halls and post offices and banks. Stainless steel wire mesh can also be applied to a number of other areas. The use of stainless steel wire mesh is more popular in European countries. I believe that every designer and homeowner who has been to Europe will be exposed to projects abroad where stainless steel wire mesh is applied. Currently, the countries that produce wire mesh in the world are the United States and Germany.

The role of stainless steel wire mesh in architectural decoration

Stainless steel wire mesh - National Theatre

Stainless steel wire mesh in China has been successfully applied to the Shanghai F1 Circuit, Beijing's National Grand Theatre, Guangzhou's Second Children's Palace, Beijing Mansion, Suzhou Land Building, Suzhou China Merchants Real Estate's "Evian Waterfront" is also about to be applied to Beijing Golden Land International Building, Shanghai's "Sunshine European City "Shanghai Sunshine European City" and other projects. Wire mesh is the symbol of China in the field of architectural decoration, currently applied only in the field of high-grade buildings. Mainly due to the slightly expensive price, but many designers are still the first to realize the beauty of this material, will be designed in the architectural elements. With the continuous development of China's economic construction and further improvement of living standards, wire mesh, a high-tech product, will be further applied to more fields.

The role of stainless steel wire mesh in architectural decoration