What are the Options for the Classification of Stainless Steel Screens of Different Materials?

Nov. 21, 2020

As a Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Supplier, share with you. Use the standard and use the stainless steel screen surface to produce different reasonable values for comprehensive adjustment of the standard, so that the different and more reasonable values contained in the values are integrated. It is based on the difference between different values of kneading value. The process is based on different standard fitness values. The process is more comprehensive and more adaptable to the effect of comprehensive adaptation.

Copper Mesh

Copper Mesh

The value of the comprehensive Kane element that satisfies the requirements contained in the standard corresponds to the high value of the continuity value of the selected mesh surface. The value of the selected grid surface corresponds to the reasonable value of the steel training standard and the level standard corresponding to the uniform level of the grid surface. The level standard of the overall grid surface is combined with the standard requirements, and the content can be digitized for a long time.

Since the stainless steel screen surface contains different levels of the mesh surface, the content of the element is directly divided into 316 stainless steel screen, 304 stainless steel screen, 316L stainless steel screen, pure kneading screen and many other reasonable values. Different pinching indicators can achieve the comprehensive adaptability to the content, including the long-term adaptability, including the comprehensive adaptation value, and the standard comprehensive mesh value, the adaptive hierarchical mesh screening. The meaning of long-term adaptation to the contained standards. In order to include a comprehensive fitness value, the high standard suitability requirement is that the selected mesh layer is brighter and sometimes more effective.

If the stainless steel filter screen has broken wires, it usually appears in the production stage. Because the finished stainless steel filter screen has strong toughness, it is not easy to cause problems in use. So what are the reasons for the broken wires of the stainless steel filter screen in production?

1. The size adjustment of the mold on the machine is wrong, which will cause the normal compression ratio to be confused during the knitting process, and cause wire breakage. The solution is to ensure the absolute size of the mold on the machine.

2. The oil or water is interrupted during the mold installation process, which causes the mold to run a large hole distance in a short time, and the compression ratio is out of adjustment, thereby breaking the wire. The solution is to add lubricant to each mold in time to ensure its cooling and lubrication.

3. When wicker filaments appear during the weaving process, excessively fast winding speed will cause the stainless steel filter to break. The only solution is to replace the mold to ensure that the phenomenon of wicker silk does not occur again.

4. A certain piece of natural path in the mold is too fast, causing the compression ratio of the front and back in the knitting to be imbalanced, and the broken wire appears, mainly as several broken wires in one position. The solution is to replace the mold and adjust the compression ratio before and after until it is normal.

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