What makes the easy Filter size wrong?

Jan. 10, 2020

The size of the product is very important, especially the filter series products are more stringent. Many times the filter products, the customer gives the detailed drawing size, given a certain error value on the outer diameter and inner diameter and height, but often this error Not so accurate, what makes the product prone to errors? Today, Filter Iron Mesh Supplier will share with you the reasons.

Non-standard products are generally completed by customization. Before producing products, we need to measure the size of the product in advance. We need to consider the width and length of the material and the distance of the overlap. Reducing costs has led to errors in the dimensions of the blanks. There is no way to guarantee the dimensions during welding. Second, when quoting for our customers, many manufacturers have directly eliminated the problem of mold costs in order to take advantage of the price. The size and quality of the product are the most important. If there is no mold to determine the size during production, it is easy to cause dimensional errors, defective products and all waste products. More serious long-term cooperation has become a one-time cooperation. In the end, I still have to pay. The third is the careful problem of the production staff during the welding process. With the appropriate size and mold, we need to carry out welding carefully during the welding process to avoid unqualified dimensions due to human factors.

What are the main methods and effects of using Custom Stainless Steel Wire Mesh to produce bag filters?

Industrial Filter Epoxy Mesh

Industrial Filter Epoxy Mesh

In the industry, due to the geographical gap between North and South, many products are called differently, just like stainless steel filter bags, also known as mesh bags, filter bags, etc. In fact, this product is based on our Warner Filter Factory Customers need to use stainless steel filters to further process and shape the products. Today, I will introduce to you the main methods of processing stainless steel filters into bag filters and what the effect is.

The production of filter bags generally needs to be based on the customer's specific size, specific filtering accuracy, and product specifications. After we know the specifications of the stainless steel filter, we can select materials and cut them to reduce unnecessary waste. The style specifications are generally divided into two types: flat mouth and rim, which are determined according to the actual use. During the production process, we need to perform cutting, hemming, folding, flattening, welding, pickling or electrolysis. After the above steps Finally, we need the net bag products. Common welding methods are divided into roll welding, seam welding, and spot welding. After welding, some stainless steel rings or other positioning elements need to be welded at the exit. Our company Industrial Filter Epoxy Mesh is on sale, welcome to consult.