How to Maintain the Stainless Steel Filter When Not Using it for a Long Time?

Nov. 05, 2020

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If the stainless steel filter is not used for a long time, it needs maintenance. The product can only guarantee the stability of its performance if it is used frequently. Therefore, when the stainless steel filter is not used for a long time, we must pay attention to its maintenance. So how should it be maintained?

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When the stainless steel filter has not been used for a long time, we must drain the filtrate on the surface of the stainless steel filter and carry out the washing and drying process. After completing this series of operations, put the product in a clean plastic bag and seal it. It is to ensure that the product is not contaminated, then, wipe the stainless steel filter net and store it in a dry place.

Generally, the stainless steel filter screen that has not been used for a long time should be soaked in a strong acid lotion. The soaking time is about 24 hours. Remember, the temperature of the acid liquid should be kept at about 25-50 degrees! During the soaking process It is recommended that the proportion of acid and alkali in the liquid should be controlled at 20%. This is to avoid the damage and pollution of the liquid to the stainless steel filter. Generally speaking, a lotion product with a higher protein factor has a good effect in terms of cleanliness and economy! Therefore, an enzyme solution with a higher protein content should be used for cleaning. After cleaning, be sure to perform a second cleaning and use steam for overall disinfection. This process is the most important for the maintenance of the stainless steel filter.

The stainless steel filter should pay attention to a certain time and temperature during the disinfection process. Generally, the internal filter product should be placed in the disinfection cabinet at 130℃/20 minutes. The disinfection temperature should not exceed 150℃, and the maximum disinfection time should not exceed 30 minutes. It should be remembered that once the sterilization temperature is too high, or the time is long, and the pressure is high, it will cause the overall damage to the internal components of the filter.

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