What are the Main Methods of Processing Fine Stainless Steel Wire Mesh into Bag Filters?

Feb. 28, 2020

What are the main methods of using Fine Stainless Steel Wire Mesh to produce bag filters and the effects they produce? In the industry, due to the regional gap between North and South, many products have different names, just like stainless steel filter bags, also known as Net bags, filter bags, etc. In fact, this product is a product made by our Warner Filter Factory using a stainless steel filter for further processing and shaping according to customer needs. Today, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Supplier introduce it to you. What are the main methods of processing stainless steel filters into bag filters and what are the effects?

Fine Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Fine Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

The production of filter bags generally needs to be based on the customer's specific size, specific filtering accuracy, and product specifications. After we know the specifications of the stainless steel filter, we can select materials and cut them to reduce unnecessary waste. The style specifications are generally divided into two types: flat mouth and rim, which are determined according to the actual use. During the production process, we need to perform cutting, hemming, folding, flattening, welding, pickling or electrolysis. After the above steps Finally, we need the net bag products. Common welding methods are divided into roll welding, seam welding, and spot welding. After welding, some stainless steel rings or other positioning elements need to be welded at the exit.

The above is a net bag product processed with a stainless steel filter. Generally, the pharmaceutical solution is filtered in a pharmaceutical factory. It can be used in aquaculture vessels to filter impurities and dirt. It can also be used to package plastic particles and other fields. There are many applications. Here I would like to remind everyone that the filter bag of the washing machine can be used for dust removal and installed on the large air-conditioning fan. It can also be used for filtering during food and beverage processing. There is only this product in stainless steel and some in PVC. , But the effect is basically the same.

The above are the main methods and effects of processing stainless steel filters into bag filters. Continuously understanding the product can have better applications. It is believed that there will be more application fields for filter bag products in the future. The introduction may be inadequate, and I hope everyone can provide valuable suggestions. Our company also has Liquid Screening Wire Mesh for sale, if you are interested in our products, welcome to consult.