What are the Benefits of Choosing a Filter Based on the Environment?

Mar. 11, 2020

As a Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Supplier, share with you. Air filtration devices have been widely used in our lives. High-efficiency filters and ultra-high-efficiency air filters are suitable for air filtration with a high degree of air purification requirements. They can be used in dust-free purification workshops in the aerospace, aviation and other fields, as well as in the pharmaceutical and biological engineering industries.

Air filters can be divided into air-conditioning filters, air purifiers, rail transit, automobiles, ship air filters, clean room air purification equipment, and so on. According to their field of application. The invention can be applied to places such as homes, office buildings, schools, automobiles, rail transits and other places that do not require strict air purification, such as air-conditioning filters with high filtration efficiency and some air purifiers.

Industrial Filter Epoxy Mesh

Industrial Filter Epoxy Mesh

The incidence of lung cancer has been increasing in recent years due to factors such as air pollution, environmental uncontrollability, and an increase in the number of smokers. The public has shown unprecedented anxiety and worry about hidden dangers caused by environmental pollution, and the public's environmental awareness has been continuously improved. When it comes to buying air filters, we always choose high efficiency filters.

HEPA filters on the surface of HEPA filters are much better than medium efficiency or primary efficiency filters. However, we must also choose based on our actual environment. For places with low environmental requirements, we can choose primary efficiency filters and secondary efficiency filters. For demanding places, we can also choose high-efficiency filters. The filtering effect of the high-efficiency filter can intercept 3UM dust particles and better purify the air.

The air filter is divided into four types: coarse effect, medium effect, sub-efficiency, and high efficiency. Among them, the coarse effect and medium effect is suitable for fresh air filtration, which is also the primary filtration of ventilation system equipment. It mainly filters dust and particulate matter in the air; The sub-high-efficiency and high-efficiency filter section of the filter has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency and low resistance, and the bacterial filtration effect in the air can reach 100%!

The outer frame of Gas Filtration SS Wire Mesh is mostly made of a solid, moisture-proof cardboard frame, which will not cause deformation or damage to the filter during use.

Air filters are still environmentally friendly products and can be reused. When the filtering effect of the air filter is not good, you can take it out for cleaning, and the cleaning method is very simple. You only need to rinse the air filter in the diluted dishwashing water several times.

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