Which Angles Should i Choose Stainless Steel Wire Mesh From?

Aug. 30, 2021

Whether it is used for protection or for engineering construction, stainless steel wire mesh is a relatively common building material. Nowadays, there are many stainless steel wire meshes available on the market, and they are produced by different companies. As a Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Supplier, share with you.

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Nickel Mesh 

Stainless steel wire mesh belts also have differences in raw materials, shapes, functions, etc., so for companies, from which perspectives should stainless steel wire meshes be selected? As mentioned above, stainless steel will be in terms of raw materials, shapes, functions, etc. There are differences, so when selecting stainless steel wire mesh, you should also choose from these points of view.

For the raw materials of stainless steel, the content of stainless steel is different from other elements, which will also cause the stainless steel to have very different requirements. For example, the content of chromium in stainless steel is different, which will make stainless steel resistant to high temperature and corrosion. There will be differences in the functions. For example, the high temperature that 309 stainless steel can withstand can reach 980 degrees, while the high temperature that 310 stainless steel can reach

1200 degrees. Therefore, for companies, when selecting stainless steel wire mesh, should also emphasize their raw materials.

The shape is mainly determined by the use of stainless steel wire mesh. For example, if it is for filtration, then the corresponding mesh shape should meet the needs of filtration. At the same time, based on the shape of the mesh, the production process of stainless steel wire mesh also needs to be considered. , The size and strength of the mesh produced by different production processes are different. Our company also has Nickel Mesh on sale, welcome to contact us.

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