What is the Treatment of Stainless Steel Filter Rust?

Jul. 02, 2020

As a Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Supplier, share with you. Stainless steel products can be seen everywhere in our lives and bring a lot of convenience to our lives, but stainless steel will also rust to a certain extent, so what if the stainless steel is rusted? The exterior of the stainless steel filter has a passivation film. Some parts with weak corrosion resistance will affect the reaction, thereby forming pitting corrosion reactions, thereby forming small holes, and the proximity of chloride ions will constitute a large strong corrosion solution, which will Accelerate corrosion.

Industrial Filter Epoxy Mesh

Industrial Filter Epoxy Mesh

Corrosion cracks can also occur inside stainless steel. All the above factors will damage the passivation film on the surface of stainless steel. Therefore, the stainless steel surface must be cleaned and maintained regularly to maintain the appearance and extend the service life. However, when cleaning the appearance of stainless steel, attention must be paid to the appearance of scratches.

Another point is that workers in many places do not pay attention to wearing gloves when using stainless steel mesh. Sweat on the palm of the hand contacts the surface of the mesh and oxidizes the surface of the mesh. This is very troublesome, and most manufacturers will raise this point. There is a phenomenon, because generally bear the cost of cleaning, so you must pay attention to these when selling stainless steel mesh.

With the prosperity of the economy, stainless steel filters have been widely used. People cannot live without stainless steel in their daily lives. However, many people do not know much about the characteristics of stainless steel, and less about the protection of stainless steel. If you think stainless steel will never rust, it is a big mistake. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is excellent, because its appearance will form a passivation film, for example, a protective layer is formed on the surface of the mesh to avoid rust. In other words, although the degree of oxidation of stainless steel depends on the conditions of use, it will eventually be oxidized. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as corrosion. Stainless steel filter is a cylindrical element used for filtering, generally divided into filter cartridges used to filter gas media and liquid media. It belongs to the surface filter element, which uses the fine ventilation arrangement formed by the surface of the filter material to block the particulate matter in the gas. The following editor will take us to understand the product features and uses of the filter cartridge.

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