Three Places to Use Copper Mesh in the Kitchen

Jul. 04, 2022

At YKM, we understand the importance of quality in maintaining a safe and sanitary food processing area. There are several benefits to using woven wire mesh materials in your residential or commercial kitchen space. Consider using copper wire mesh material in your kitchen hood, HVAC system and wall construction.


Range Hoods

Copper alloys have natural properties that can destroy a wide range of harmful microorganisms. When it comes to kitchen surfaces near food preparation, consider using an alloy with antimicrobial properties. Copper mesh can be used in wall-mounted range hoods, island hoods, range hood inserts and under-cabinet range hoods.

Three Places to Use Copper Mesh in the Kitchen


HVAC Systems

In its simplest form, braided wire acts as a filter. Heating and cooling systems benefit from a strong and flexible alloy like copper. Copper has high tensile strength, high ductility and good corrosion resistance. When your heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications require high quality indoor air, choose copper filtration.



Despite our best efforts, sometimes outdoor critters can become indoor pests. While there are several rodent control options on the market, consider using an inexpensive and low-maintenance option such as copper mesh. Tightly tuck the material into holes or cracks to keep birds and rodents out. Copper mesh will not rust and rodents cannot chew on it. Bulk mesh is the ideal product for this application.


A state-of-the-art kitchen should be equipped with the most advanced equipment. From oven hoods to heating and cooling systems, don't settle for sub-standard construction. Not sure how your kitchen can benefit from red metal? Contact a YKM sales representative to learn more about our brass, bronze and copper alloys.