Why Should the Stainless Steel Filter be Made in Two Layers?

Jan. 28, 2021

As a Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Supplier, share with you.

Stainless steel filter mesh is usually made of stainless steel woven mesh, expanded metal, round mesh, etc. The stainless steel filter has one layer, two layers, and multiple layers.

The stainless steel filter on the first layer is made of relatively hard materials. If the stainless steel filter on the first layer is dense and soft, it will deform during use, and the pressure will not be enough, and it will affect The filtering effect of the stainless steel filter screen is better, which is why the customer requires the stainless steel filter screen to be made into two layers. The softer one is generally a denser screen, which acts as a filter layer.

Industrial Filter Epoxy Mesh

Industrial Filter Epoxy Mesh

Expanded mesh or round mesh is made of stainless steel. This kind of mesh is relatively hard. You can choose the thickness of the expanded metal or round mesh according to the hardness required by the customer. This kind of mesh plays a supporting role. Usually a filter layer and a support layer are combined to achieve the effect. This is why the customer requested the stainless steel filter to be made in two layers.

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