How to Solve the Problem of Color Difference after the Filter Cartridge is Welded?

Mar. 26, 2020

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How to deal with the color difference after the filter cartridge is welded? Filter cartridges are used for screening and filtration under acidic and alkaline environmental conditions. The petroleum industry is used as a slurry screen, the chemical fiber industry is used as a screen and electroplating. Ablation of a filter cartridge or ablation of another part of the product can combine two or more of two or more unrelated parts.

Gas Filter Brass Mesh

Gas Filter Brass Mesh

In this way, the filter cartridge is discolored due to high temperature, and in consideration of aesthetics, it is recommended that all pickling and polishing be performed in the future. The filter cartridge forms a passivation film on the outside, which essentially has the shape of a more stable oxide. It can be said that the stainless steel mesh varies according to the operating conditions.

The degree of oxidation is different, but it will eventually be oxidized. This phenomenon is called corrosion. Filter cartridge dust and easily removed dirt can be washed with a mild scrubbing agent or warm water. The filter cartridge should be immediately washed with bleach and various acid attachments, then dipped with a neutral carbonated soda solution or ammonia solution, and washed with warm water or neutral detergent.

In the process of compiling stainless steel mesh, because it needs to go through many steps such as wire drawing, full diameter, weaving mesh, flat mesh, etc., some stainless steel mesh will inevitably adhere to some oil stains in the process. Cleaning and descaling to ensure appearance and quality. The filter cartridge is cleaned with a soft cloth on the outside of the motor oil, oil and lubricant, and then cleaned with ammonia or a special cleaner or a neutral cleaner.

For most people, buying Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is no stranger, because many people still need to buy this product. If you want to buy stainless steel mesh, you must understand the quality issues. Many people ignore the understanding of quality and feel it is not necessary to understand it. In fact, this is not the case. If you don't know the quality, buy directly, you don't know if the quality can be guaranteed. In the case that the product quality cannot be guaranteed, it is easy to cause some trouble during use, so it is necessary to explain its quality. So how does the stainless steel screen know the quality?

Of course, in addition to watching the workmanship of the product, you can also understand the quality of the product in other ways, such as checking the product. Quality inspection report. When you buy stainless steel mesh, if you want to know the product quality, it is better to check the product quality inspection report. This is a better way to make a certain judgment on the product quality, because you do not know the quality of the product at all. So you can directly check the product quality inspection report to see if it can pass the quality inspection report.

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