What are the Characteristics of Pure Nickel Wire?

Jun. 01, 2020

As a Nickel Mesh Manufacturer, share with you.

The mechanical properties of nickel are close to that of carbon steel, and its alkaline corrosion resistance is second only to silver in metal materials. Nickel wire will generate a black protective film on the surface in concentrated alkali. Make it very corrosion resistant. It is mostly used for electric light source materials, coating, with high surface quality and good processing performance. It is used for manufacturing work such as anodes, separators, electrode brackets, etc., and can also be used as guide wire leads in the bulb. The role. Electric grade materials have alloys with multiple compositions due to different use conditions. In addition, the electrode materials require low resistivity to avoid overheating of the electrode, high high-temperature strength to reduce material wear, and viscous melting and volatilization under the action of the arc to improve performance such as service life.

Nickel Mesh

Nickel Mesh

1. Solderability, high conductivity, suitable linear expansion coefficient

2. Good strength at high temperature and low resistivity

3. High melting point, corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, good pressure workability under hot and cold conditions, easy to degas, suitable for radio, electric light source, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, is important in vacuum electronic devices Structural materials.

Nickel Mesh has strong corrosion resistance and has good performance in terms of conductivity and shielding. Therefore, the separation and filtration of some battery electrodes and some special gases or liquids are often used here. A network quality product. To put it simply, the main function of the product is to filter, and it is not wrong to use the product only when it comes to filtering.

Nickel mesh series products can be divided into nickel mesh, nickel wire mesh, nickel foil mesh, nickel plate mesh several categories.

Nickel mesh is mainly used for sieving and gas, liquid filtration and other media separation under acid and alkali environment conditions.

There are five methods for weaving nickel mesh: plain weave, twill weave, plain weave Dutch, twill Dutch weave, and reverse Dutch weave.

1. Plain weave nickel mesh: It is the most common weaving method, the main feature is the same density of warp and weft wire diameter.

2. Pure nickel nickel square mesh: Nickel square mesh is suitable for petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, rubber, tire manufacturing, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries. Nickel wire is woven into various specifications of mesh and cloth, which has good acid and alkali resistance. , High temperature resistance and other properties.

3. Pure nickel dense wire mesh Material: nickel wire braid: plain weave nickel dense wire mesh, twill weave nickel dense wire mesh, bamboo flower woven nickel dense wire mesh Performance: with stable and fine filtration characteristics. Uses: used in aerospace, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

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