Raw Material Inspection

YKM has a complete set of advanced raw material inspection instruments and equipment, which can test the physical & chemical properties of the raw material. The main inspection instruments include radioactive X/Y dose rate monitor, infrared carbon-sulfur analyzer, X-ray fluorescence spectrum, laser beam diameter measuring instrument, micro hardness tester, universal tensile testing machine, etc. These instruments can test the radioactivity, metallic elements & chemical components, ovality, mechanical property, internal structure, micro hardness and many other parameters. All testing instruments have been calibrated by professional organization from third party.

In order to ensure the precision and standardization of the raw material inspection, YKM has the standard operation procedures of raw material purchasing, inspection, warehousing entry and the operation of the inspection instruments, which is strictly under control. All inspection operators shall pass professional training. For those special inspection items, the operators must be certified by National Professional Organization.

The various standard samples from each lot have been verified via ERP system plus logistics management, which have assured the stability of raw material quality, traceability of raw materials, testability of record samples from each lot.

The procedures of raw material testing include the radioactivity, chemical property, wire diameter ovality mechanical property, internal structure level and wire hardness.

Only the above inspection items are proved qualified, the warehouse-in and warehouse-out procedure can be done. For unqualified raw materials, it must be managed according to the Unqualified Products Management Procedures, the raw material testing & management procedure is completely carried out per the requirement of ISO9001 and TS16949.

Portable Radiation Detector

Under the guidance of experts in NIM (approval by CIPM and BIPM), YKM introduced radiological detection equipment for inspecting raw material at the end of 2007.And finished products inspection to protect operators from the hurt caused by radioactive contaminants mixed in iron or steel material.

Innov-X System Handheld XRF Analyzer

The Innov-X System handheld XRF Analyzer is for metal chemical analysis. It can exactly analyze chemical components within 30 seconds. Permanent testing records will be preserved. It can guarantee the traceability of the raw material quality.

Infrared carbon-sulfur analyzer

With the condition of rich Oxygen and high-temperature, the carbon and sulfur inside the metal can be transformed into CO2 and SO2.After absorbed by infrared radiation and dealt with by computer which will show the exact carbon and sulfur composition quickly and sensitively. It is the way to distinguish material 304&304L, 316 &316L and so on.

Photodosimeter for wire diameter

With optical, high-speed data acquisition system and microprocessor technology, it is a high-precision device with non-contact online measurement.Measure range of wire diameter is 0.01-2mm.The tolerance is +/-0.0001mm.

Electrical universal testing machine

This instrument is applied to test the materials mechanics performance, like elongation, tearing, peeling, cutting, bending, compressing and etc. It can calculate the max force, yield strength, average peeling force, max deformation, yield point and elasticity modulus, etc. The max measured tensile strength is 50KN; all the related reports can be printed, permanent testing records can guarantee the traceability of the raw material quality.

Micro hardness tester

Micro hardness is a kind of indentation hardness. It reflects the indentation capacity of the tested object against another hard object. This machine is mainly applied to test the hardness of the stainless steel wire.

Raw Material Inspection

Raw Material Inspection

Raw Material Inspection